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Understanding the common thread in brand, business and being. 


Assess whether your brand delivers the value that your customers desire.

 Create a customer-focused brand strategy that goes far beyond surface brand communications.


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Gain clarity on the current state of your business and desired destination

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Strategy Simplified Workshop

and turn your innovative ideas into a roadmap for action.


Create a healthy vessel for the mind, heart and spirit to thrive.

 Rituals designed with high-performance individuals in mind; the seekers who want to feel their best, learn about the-self and build a healthy lifestyle.


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I promise to keep the emails to a minimum. I just want to stay in touch so you don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities.

“The more clarity you have, the less likely you will be pushed around by external forces.” ~ Sara

The common thread that weaves within: our personal and professional lives, amongst the inspiration and aspiration, alongside the missteps and lessons; these details in the fabric tell the story of where we are headed.  The intricacies of experience that we possess are the patchwork genius we contribute to the greater tapestry of life and business.

Thank you for investing time to connect with me and welcome to the conversation about growth, I’m glad you’re here. Whether it’s business or personal growth, l love to be a change-agent for others, no matter where they are in their journey. I cover business-oriented topics on branding, social network strategies, marketing and business development; as well as Peruvian inspired recipes, healthy living and wellness. I strive to form a complete and harmonious whole in my life and help others do the same.

With love and gratitude, Sara


A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Start With Kindness

Good Leadership Starts With Self-Awareness

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